Reader’s Thoughts and Testimonies

Hi Tara,

I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on your first novel!  Wow, that is truly an amazing accomplishment.  I have always thought that it would be so much fun to write a novel…I have always love toying with writing and admire you for following your dream to completion.  I can’t wait to get my own copy of Love Ordained and give it a read!

I also want to say that I really admire you for being bold with your Christian faith! These days it is hard to find ways to share the gospel with others, without feeling like you are being ridiculed for sharing or being labeled by non-believers.  I applaud you for not only writing your first novel but for also basing it on your Christian beliefs. What a way to share God’s love!  I pray that it touches many lives and is a blessing not only to you, but to all of your readers.

Again, congratulations!  I wish you much success. – Donna Cockrell

My mom and I are both reading your book and we love it! We are in a race to the end!

Just finished! It was so so good! I can’t wait for the next one and I just loved the teaser! -Penny Stacey

Hi, Tara.
Congratulations on publishing your first book. I hope to buy a copy for my wife. As a fellow Christian, it’s encouraging to see more Christian literature being published! May God bless your book, as well as you and your family.  – John Gillstrom

I really liked your book.

So refreshing to read something that had no shady material to process.

– Phyllis Spencer

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