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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

– Philippians 4:13

Book Two, Love Unfailing: Where Love is Challenged but is Found Unfailing

Anna Andros, a new Christian, becomes enraptured by the worship leader on stage each Sunday. His love for the Lord appears as solid as his strong muscles on display each week. The attraction is mutual, and Anna is drawn in by his charm.

Meanwhile, she becomes closer to another man, this one a lifelong Christian and family friend. Conflict arises as she is torn between the two men in her life. Is the worship leader as genuine as he seems? Or is the one she has known for years who God has in mind for her?

A crisis at the church puts things into perspective for Anna. Who is the one who will stand beside her? Why is the pastor turning a blind eye to the hurt Anna endured? Will God answer prayers and give Anna the healing and love she so deserves?

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Book 1, Love Ordained: Where Great Loss Turns to Ordained Love

When Gina Andros lost her husband Alex and almost two-year old daughter Teresa in a car accident, her world falls apart. Her mother-in-law Helena, a woman she views as a second mother, blames her for the accident and cuts her out of her life. Doing so, she turns her family, including Gina’s best friends, Anna and Christian, away from her. Gina falls deep into the pit of grief, but slowly the family starts to heal—due in part to a major event in her life. But not before Helena goes to great lengths to derail Gina’s recovery. Will Helena’s heart melt, bringing the family back together?

As the months go by, the possibility of new love arrives in Gina’s life, but is it the love God has planned for her? Will Gina realize the one she is meant to be with, and if she does, will he be ready to love her unconditionally?

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Tara lives in Virginia with her husband of almost 24 years and three daughters. The family loves staying fit, worshiping at church, playing family games and participating in outdoor activities together as you can see in some of these photos.

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